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Inspired by a recent post at Confessions of Your Husband’s Mistress, I decided to check my blog statistics and see what searches tend to bring people to my blog.  The number one hit: how to deflower a virgin.

I find this troubling.  People actively look for information on deflowering virgins, on how to steal innocence, to destroy something pure.

Or maybe I’m just being overly optimistic.  After all, your average 13 year old kid knows more about sex then I probably did at 21.  The internet is an amazing thing.

There’s a moral to be had there, but for the life of me I can’t see it.

Fortunately, anyone arriving at my blog via that search term will only find my story/memory about geocaching done right.  One of my favorite pieces, mainly because I liked the landscape imagery I used.  I’m still not sure where it all came from.  Regardless of whether my concern is based on unfounded optimism, at least I can take comfort in knowing that I’m not contributing defloration techniques to the delinquents of Qatar.

That’s where the most recent search hit was from.  Seriously, who the hell reads this thing from Qatar?

No offense, people of Qatar.  (Qatarians?)  You’re always welcome here.  Hello, welcome, ahlan wa sahlan.



  1. Searches are very interesting – sometimes abit worrying… Mine are mostly all including the words pussy, cum and cock… the usual stuff ; )

    • I’d be happy if people found my stuff just looking for smut! Or for sex addiction, cheating, infidelity… any of a number of words come to mind. Just not deflowering virgins!

      • Yeh, I know what you mean.
        If its any consolation, I don’t recall any story of yours where you are deflowering virgins… Although there was a chunk of about 2 weeks that I missed… ; )

      • Ha! No, I’ve never written about my experiences with virgins. There have been a few, but always either in a relationship with the girl in question, or with her full understanding of my relationship status. I may be a hound dog, and at one point I was a full-blown womanizer, but I can honestly say I’ve never taken a girl’s virginity without full disclosure.

      • I know you don’t have the greatest opinion of yourself a lot of the time, but a very decent human being does come through in your blog (whether you believe yourself to be or not!) So I wouldn’t have thought that you would deflower a virgin just for the hell of deflowering – if you know what I mean…

  2. Ha! My number one search of all time is “fucking my neighbor”. Apparently, I’m far from alone in this pursuit as there are many other variations in the line up besides just that statement. They want to know how to do it, if they should do it, and also, many don’t know how to spell “neighbor”.

    Anyway, you just upped the ante for all those Qatarians and their desire for de-virgining techniques. Well played, my friend!

    • Who hasn’t had a neighbor they wanted to fuck at some point or another? Lord knows I’ve had plenty of them. (I usually go through with it, but to each his/her own!)

  3. Bi, absolutely hysterical. Sometimes you crack me up. Other times you make me want to fuck. Either way, I’m okay with it!

  4. I’m with LSAM, hysterical! In a weird twist, my #1 search term this month is “self-fulfillment” if people are reading me to find fulfillment, they must be masochists! My #1 search term of all time is BDSM. Neither very interesting. Does that make me boring?

    • I fail to see how having BDSM as your #1 makes you boring. I’d say it makes you much less vanilla than me!

  5. I really don’t get the 1975 thing I have googled it and not found me?
    Russian Really Russian WTF were they looking for?
    And my Fav ” sexy girls from japan with dildos”
    The number at the end of each line is the total hits in 30 days

    1975 31
    spanking girl 9
    buddhism and bdsm 5
    erotic spanking 4
    girl spanking 4
    bandaged index finger 3
    caveman makes fire 2
    buddhism bdsm 2
    man spanking girl 2
    buddhism +bdsm +spank 2
    spanking father 2
    delaying a spanking 1
    kwan yin zen cottage 1
    destruction of ego bdsm 1
    passionate cruel sex story 1
    how to remove confused mind 1
    hot girl spanking 1
    повязка на палец 1
    tao sex 1
    how to flatter your dom bdsm 1
    girl spankings 1
    buddhist bdsm 1
    1975 pics 1
    velma being a slut 1
    dharma bdsm 1
    barely pink report 1
    buddhism is confused 1
    spanking girls 1
    sexy girls from japan with dildos 1
    bdsm buddhism 1
    i have a confused mind 1
    out of body experience + bdsm 1
    buddhist techniques to concentrate mind tots 1
    girl+spanking 1
    1975 images 1
    bdsm submission destroyed and reborn 1
    joy of upturned buttocks 1
    least i could do cruel intentions 1
    in bdsm why does one submit 1
    passion red for sex 1
    bandaged finger 1
    cruelestintention “” 1
    bdsm situations 1
    5 slogans of tonglen 1
    same sex attraction 1
    sex advances tao positions images 1 “i love you” i’m not the only one “with problems” open talk 1
    sticky hook wordpress 1


    • I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in a while. Thanks for making my day a little brighter, Cruel!

    • My favorite is “Velma being a slut”

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