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Lots of bloggers use simple words to categorize and organize their blog entries, but sometimes, those categories don’t make a lot of sense.  Herein you will find a breakdown of the categories I use to describe my entries.  This will be updated as new categories are created.

My Life as Fiction:  The original high concept for this blog, describing my real-life interactions and events as prose.  These will usually range from erotic to outright vulgar depending on my mood and the quality of the memory.  Everything falling under this category is a true story, though it may not read like it.  No liberties will be taken.  I may “prettify” the language and setting a bit, but what you read is what happened.  (At least, from my perspective.)  Any other category can be usurped by this, but I’ll be sure to double-categorize appropriate entries.

Marriage:  Anything at all pertaining to my relationship with Ashley.  This may also include, obviously, general thoughts on married life.

Kelly:  Entries concerning my second long-term girlfriend.  She earns her own category because, more than any other person, for better and for worse, she helped make me who and what I am today.

Fantasies:  Things I have never experienced, or that I have but want to do again with a new person or a change in scenery.

Rumination:  This is the catch-all category.  When I’m just writing for writing’s sake, or pondering some grand philosophical question, it will be posted here.



    • It's not me, It's you
    • Posted January 30, 2012 at 11:08 pm
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    I love your approach here and I envy your organization. I have over a million words I have yet to compartmentalize…. but I will damn it! I will!

    • Thanks It’s Not Me! By the way, I mentioned you in my most recent post’s comment section.

  1. Ohhh I like that My Life as Fiction category…may I borrow? 😀 Great idea!

    • Certainly! Just give me a link/cite and we’re copacetic. 🙂

        • deviantdiaries
        • Posted August 15, 2012 at 7:46 pm
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        Thanks…I actually haven’t gotten around to it yet but I have started organizing my categories and gotten them pared down. Welcome aboard and thanks for following! 🙂

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