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I am a creature of habit, and I would like to consistently use the same pseudonyms to describe the same people.  So, below is an alphabetized list of the people I mention in this blog.  I’ll update this as appropriate.

Abigail:  A co-worker from my days as a lowly undergraduate.  A sweet, fun-loving girl who appeared to be much more innocent than she really was, and who appeared much too young for comfort.

Ashley:  My wife, my one true love.  Stronger and more compassionate than most people, she goes beyond all expectations to take care of the people she loves.  Most people think she’s a bitch at first, when in reality, she’s just quiet and has nothing to say.  I’ve never known anyone to dislike her once they got to know her, and I’ve never known her to dislike anyone without a damned good reason.  She is genuinely beautiful and beautifully genuine, unafraid to speak her mind and unwilling to relent when challenged.  An athlete, a valkyrie, and a saint.

Care:  A talented musician from my undergraduate days, a brilliant classical pianist, and the last person you would expect to enjoy Chopin as much as me, if you buy into physical stereotypes.  My first experience with physical intimacy without passion.

Clutch-Girl:  A “punk” girl who does the books for a small gas station and mechanic’s shop in the far North, and who tends the only bar in the town.  Our shared love for the band Clutch got us talking and is the source of her nickname.

Dana:  One of Hank’s ex-girlfriends.  A single mother living on a very limited income.  A fun girl who typically uses alcohol and sex to hide how sad and lonely she really is.

Hank:  My best friend since grade school.  Formerly an athlete, now a married professional.  The same as me, but also completely different.

Kelly:  My girlfriend through college.  An artist and fellow sexual deviant.  Possessed of a sharp mind and a sharper tongue.  Also bipolar and a little crazy at times, but what artist isn’t?  (Crazy that is.)  The first woman I thought I was going to marry, and the first real sexual deviant with whom I was ever involved.  Not a slut–an explorer.  She played a big role in defining who I am today, both in terms of my sexual proclivities and emotional needs, so many of my posts will involve her.

Maria:  A latina girl I met during my international studies.  A would be traveller and urbanite, a mover in social circles, a true lover of life and everything it contains.  The woman I identify as the crossroads of my life, the point at which everything could have been completely different if things had worked out.  Our relationship was, for lack of a better word, powerful.  A tempest in a teacup, or a prophylactic, depending on your perspective.  Daphnis and Chloe.  Odysseus and Penelope.  Hector and Andromache.  The Dread Pirate Roberts and Buttercup.  All of these and none of these.

Marisha:  A native of the island of Dominica, and a would-be conservationist.  Possessed of a deep love of nature and incredible sexual rhythm.

Molly:  Dispatcher for search-and-rescue in one of the regions of the far North.  A vapid, intellectually absent shell of a human being who I never slept with, but for whom I wish I could have overcome my physical distaste for ignorance.

Rosalyn:  Law enforcement in a protected redwood park.  A hiker and avid outdoorswoman.  I actually know surprisingly little about her, but she could drink me under the table, which is saying something.

Shelley:  A former colleague on an international research project, and a brilliant scientist.  A married woman and, I was surprised to discover, mother to a pretty cool little boy.  I don’t know if you can call what we had a relationship, a fling, or an affair, but our interaction is one of my more fondly remembered mistakes.

Tina:  A  colleague with research interests in line with my own.  A brilliant young woman with a keen mind and an awkward sense of humor who is every bit as insecure and self conscious as I truly am.  A sexual deviant at heart who never had an opportunity to explore that side of herself, until she met me, or so she claims.  She became one of my closest friends before moving on to new career prospects, and over time and with constant communication, our relationship evolved from friendship, to fuck buddies, to lovers.  The closest I have ever come to truly regretting my marriage because she embodies nearly everything I have ever wanted in a partner–a sharp wit, a lovely body, an environmentally friendly and socially conscious lifestyle, and a libido that is as wild and varied as my own.


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  1. Harsh! ‘Intellectually absent shell of a human being..’

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