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Author:  BimodalTendancies.

They say it’s always the quiet ones.  I don’t buy it, because I’m not one of the quiet ones.  By most standards I’m your average American male.  I come from a wonderful community and an amazing family.  I spend a lot of time outdoors and at the gym, so I’m in decent shape, but I’m no Men’s Fitness model.  My wife is my best friend and my one true love.  I have a great job that never feels like work.  (Science is awesome like that.)  I go out, have fun, party like the rest of my peers.  But everyone has that one thing of which they’re ashamed.  For me, that’s my sexual urges.  Compulsions might be a better word, but I hesitate to fully self-diagnose as a sex addict.  Suffice to say, I crave it more than the average American male, and I have decided to use this blog as a sort of chronicle of my thoughts and exploits.  Sure, I could have put this all into a diary, but I’m actually hoping to garner a bit of a following, not for fame (this is a sensitive issue, after all), but to know that there are others like me who struggle with these issues.  People who feel so consumed by their sexual urges that it actively interferes with their personal relationships and work.  People who understand, and who maybe want the same things I do.  Lofty, I know, but there it is.

This blog, as is the case with all blogs, is a random smattering of things that pertain to the overarching theme–my obsession with sex, how it affects my daily life, previous escapades, etc.  As such, this blog is rather unpredictable.  One day I may ruminate on why I behave the way I do.  The next, I may describe, in full messy detail, a recent sexual encounter.  So, if you’re reading this, be prepared.  You’ll surely end up seeing a lot of foul language and adult content.

I should also state that, due to the sensitive and intimate nature of what I will be writing, certain measures will be necessarily taken to protect the identity of all of the people involved in my posts, including myself.  No real names will ever be used, no real locations.  The main points and details will be otherwise 100% accurate.  This is being written for my benefit only, so there’s no need to endanger the reputations of other people, and there’s no reason to fabricate the truth.  It’s just me being honest about who and what I am.



  1. gosh, my male version? 🙂

    • It’s a bitch of a thing, isn’t it? 😉

      • we’re damned, haha.. ill be checking your blog often. i am asian, my english writing is not very good. i might get some styles from you my dear. keep on loving women, it’s one of the best feelings you can give them. 😉

      • Thanks Nymph, that really means a lot to me! Don’t beat your own writing up too much, it’s easier to read than a lot of native English speakers I know! 😉

  2. Never use real names or places. Ever, ever, ever. It’s the only way to go. Also, never tell anyone your url. That’s my two cents, not that you asked 🙂

  3. I was in your place my friend…the ex wife & i didn’t make it, but I have an amazing gf now that knows EVERYTHING and is pro my sexuality. Good luck

    • It’s rough, isn’t it? Then when you enter into a new relationship and see just how much you’ve been missing… ugh. It’s more frustrating than I can describe.

      Thanks for stopping in!!

  4. I love your stories and writing style. I will be reading often!

  5. Ah I’ve been busy, I miss reading your posts! Belated happy birthday and take care always with your sexcapades, hehehhe! 😉

  6. Bimodal, I fellow sextrovert like myself. I like it. Oh and yea I made that word up but feel free to use it 🙂

  7. hey there. you’ve disappeared. you doing okay?

  8. Ditto to Lynn’s comment.

  9. You have been missed, my friend. That being said, your writing is timeless…so when you get back, realize that you’re coming back to a few awards:

  10. I found you thru Hy’s blog and look forward to reading/following. My blog remains private for now but feel free to request access (I have a stalker type ex bf who can be vindictive and he knows of my blog…)

  11. Thank you so much for the blog follow; I hope you enjoy what you read and look forward to continued back-and-forth comments!

    I have been catching up on your stories and have liked what I’ve read so far.

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