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Well, hello there.

Forgive my absence. Very recently, I found myself suddenly faced with a series of unexpected deadlines for work, and I had to throw my focus into that. Then, I had to revise a manuscript that was accepted for publication. (Hallelujah.) Since finishing those professional tasks, I have been terribly busy these past weeks being terribly not busy–that is, I went on a vacation. Not a work vacation, wherein I have a little fun in between meetings or presentations or field work, but a true-blue, honest-to-God vacation, hiking and swimming and boating and site-seeing hundreds of miles away from what anyone would call civilization. It was refreshing, to say the least.

Then Ashley went on vacation without me for a week.

And Tina came to visit.

It is a fascinating experience, having my lover in my home when my wife is gone. For four days, Tina and I interacted as though we were a long-term couple. We cooked together, we spent time at the beach, we went out for drinks, all the while holding hands and stealing kisses and sharing quiet jokes and whispered innuendo. We slept in the same bed, woke up together, showered together. The spats and misunderstandings of the past months simply disappeared. We were best friends again, lovers in the truest sense of the word. I can’t tell you how badly I missed that.

And the sex. Holy fuck, the sex was mind-blowing. Passionate and intense, occasionally frantic, never shorter than an hour, and always at least twice a day. Tina is truly insatiable in bed.

Sadly, all good things must end. I recently said goodbye to her, and she has begun the long return trip to her home across the country. It was decidedly painful to watch her go. Neither of us managed it without a few tears.

I am now sitting alone in my home, at my computer for the first time in two weeks. Her scent still lingers in my house, and I occasionally close my eyes as I inhale, savoring the aroma and remembering the feel of her hand in mine, her lips against mine, her hair on my shoulder. I am still uncertain how I came to be in this position, being in love with two women, my wife and my lover.  It is a difficult thing to manage, but weeks like this are more than worth the effort.

So again, forgive my absence. I assure you, I have not forgotten my regular readers, and I am working on a couple of different entries that I intend to post here soon. But, I am also closing in on the end of my contract with my current institution, thus much of my attention must shift to work, both in terms of completing required manuscripts and datasets, and of finding a new position. As such, I may not be as regular a blogger as I have been recently, but I will continue to work here as time permits.

I hope all is well with you, my friends and readers.


Well, hello again, dear readers.  Did you miss me?

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that I’ve been absent for a while (although I’m sure no one was saying to themselves, “You know, I haven’t seen any new postings on that amazing blog, Only Partly Erotic.  I wonder what’s happened to ol’ Bimodal?”).  I purposely violated my solemn oath to update at least twice per week, and for that, I offer my most sincere apology.  I just needed a little time off.

Not from this blog necessarily, though I confess a certain degree of satisfaction at not having to worry about what I’m going to write about.  No, I needed a break from… well, pretty much everything.  Work.  Research.  Publications.  Friends.  Family.  Everything.  So, I packed my shit and went hiking.

There is a major national park near the university at which I conduct my research.  I shan’t say which, so as to maintain my anonymity and an air of mystique (wouldn’t want to drop too many hints, now would we?), but given that I’m new to the region, I’d never visited the park.  As my frustration with my marriage and work responsibilities piled higher and deeper, I finally reached a caving point, and I just had to go.  So I spoke to Ashley, told her that I needed some time alone to think, and took off the next day for the park.

I spent the next five days in complete isolation.  And good lord was it glorious.  Purple mountain majesties indeed.

I wish I had more to say about it, but it was hiking.  I could recount spending hours beside a waterfall, watching wildlife pass by while cooking dinner, reading The Iliad beside the campfire… but really, how interested could anyone be such things?  They’re not exciting.  I can’t even fit a narrative to them.  It’s just what I did.  Besides, those aren’t things I want to share.

It’s odd.  I’ll tell you all about every woman I fuck, every bit of personal indiscretion I commit, but time spent in the wilderness, apart from my research activities, is mine and mine alone.

Anyhow, I have returned from self-imposed exile to a small mountain of manuscript revisions and proposal deadlines, a wife grateful to have me home, and a blog for which I should be able to write with ease but with which I continually struggle.  Regular updates will resume next week, once I’ve had a little time to catch up on my writing, and to follow up with the charming Ms. Marian the Librarian.

See you soon, dear readers.