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UPDATE: This post was written about 1.5 hours ago. This is an open invitation to all, and I actively encourage anyone remotely interested to take part, either alone or with a partner.

If you would like to take part, I ask that you either comment here, or post on your own blog stating your intention. And, naturally, you have to confirm your participation after the specified time (or at, if you’re feeling adventuresome). A simple post on your blog will suffice. Or get creative. A link would be appreciated as well, but is not necessary.

Think of it like telecommuting for group sex.


For some reason, whilst receiving a blowjob, I thought of you.

As I type this post, there is a brown head of hair in my lap, and a warm mouth wrapped around my cock.  I told her that I needed to write something for work before we fuck, but to continue what she’s doing. So, she is sitting under the desk, sucking playfully and skillfully. I must keep this short because I want little more than to be inside her.

She began blowing me, and I found myself wondering if you were doing something similar. The thought made me shiver.

I pursued that line of thought and came to this conclusion:

I want to cum when you do.

So I offer the following.

Saturday night, July 12, at 9:15 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, I will be fucking someone.

Care to join me?



  1. Um…seems this is a specific invitation for a specific other?

    • Oh no. This is an open invitation, just as the title says. I invite everyone to take part. (And I actively hope everyone does.)

      • Well then…I may be with a fellow (female) blogger at that time…we can always see what kind of trouble we can get up to at that time.

      • I wholeheartedly approve. If you do, you should confirm your participation–I’m curious to see if this would go over well with others in the community! 🙂

      • Well this community adores that blogger…so it definitely would.

  2. Sadly, at 9:15 EST, I will likely be in a crowded restaurant with friends and Peyton. BUT, I absolutely LOVE this idea. If it were next Saturday, I could probably make it happen (kid free then). Just puttin’ that out there 😉 xx Hy

    PS: You dirty bastard.

    • I aim to please, my dearest Hy. 😉 We’ll see how this goes. If it seems well received, it might become a recurring thing. Hence why I want everyone who takes part to post about it and link back to my invitation, so I can evaluate. 🙂

  3. What a delicious invitation. I may have to participate in some manner…


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