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Two days ago, I went through a culling of the old e-mail accounts, consolidating everything into as few professional and private accounts as possible.  When I opened my oldest, most unused client, one message out of literally thousands stood out to me:

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It was sent in January, mind you, but then, I have been exceedingly busy these past… what, 20 months?  Damn.

Anyway, it was there, shining at me in its unread bolded glory.  And I just sort of blinked at it.

“….oh yeah, that’s a thing I did.”

I confess, I totally forgot about this.  Oddly enough, I didn’t forget about the people I met, those who continued to e-mail or message or Skype with me about their lives and mine.  I forgot some names, certainly, but the people, and the community, are still there, locked away in the private spaces of my mind.  And when I realized that I had forgotten my blog, I felt like a total shitheel.

Well, kids, that ends today.

I owe everyone an explanation.  Shortly after my previous post, I was presented with a new work opportunity that excited me terribly, and as with all things that excite me terribly, I threw myself into it completely.  It was gratifying work that has produced several new manuscripts being prepped and reviewed for publication, and it opened a few doors for new career paths in my beloved biological sciences.  It was also accompanied by field research trips to the boreal forests, the Serengeti, and Thailand, during which I rarely had access to the internet or even a working phone, so I was basically isolated.  Work became everything, and somewhere throughout that process, I just forgot.

I enjoyed being a part of this community.  I was comforted by the kind words, and by knowing that there were so many other people out there who felt as I did about sexuality and morality.  I felt like I was a part of something, and I suddenly felt like I had abandoned it, and all of the wonderful people I knew through our shared experiences.

You have my apology, one and all.  You may not feel it’s necessary, or you may not care, but you have it, regardless.

I have so many things to say, but those will be reserved for later posts.  The format of my writing will not change, nor will the general theme and content, because I have not changed.  I’ve just gotten busier.  Until then (and by “then” I mean within the next day or so), go read Hyacinth’s blog.  Because I said so.



  1. Shit, fuck, damn. Welcome back, stranger! *hugs and kisses* ~LSAM

    • Why thank you, LSAM. Or should I use your new handle. Internet pseudonyms are so tricky sometimes. 🙂

  2. Really glad to see you back 🙂 What amazing places you’ve been. I’m glad the two years have been so kind to you career-wise.


  3. Well, holy fuck! Glad to have you back!!

  4. Well, damn. Admittedly I’d filed this blog in that part if my mind with other stories left unfinished. Glad to see you’re back. I look forward to the blogs to come.

    • You and several others. I’m glad you didn’t give up too much hope though, and I’m happy to see you’re still kicking around. 🙂

  5. You.

  6. Welcome home 🙂

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