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If you haven’t read Part 3 of Artifice and Honesty yet, skip down to the next entry.  Or just start at the beginning.

This is also the first time, I confess, that I took a few liberties with the story.  The final text she sent me wasn’t quite as succinct as I describe it.  But, this had a more clever feel to it, thus, I used it.


I walk through my side door, stinking and covered in a week’s worth of filth and grime.  I drop my backpack in the mudroom and sit on the old papasan chair beside the door, sinking into the soft cushion, relishing the sensation of worn fabric and padding.  As much as I enjoyed my backpacking trip, and as badly as I needed the time to myself… nothing really compares to coming home.

I don’t know how long I sleep, but when I come to, the sun has started to set.  I rouse myself from the chair and walk to my office.  I remove my phone from the charger and check the messages.  One text notification blinks at me.

I tap the screen a few times, and read.

Thanks for being a gentleman. –Marian

I grin and respond.

Sorry, I went on an impromptu backpacking trip.  Just got your message.  And you’re quite welcome.

I set my phone aside and go upstairs to the shower.  I wash the layer of sweat and dirt from my body, and take a bit of extra time to groom and exfoliate where appropriate.  An hour or so later, I finally come back downstairs, to my phone.  It blinks.

Oh good, thought you were angry at me.  Want to have dinner and you can show me the pictures?

I tap out a response:  Thought you said I was dangerous?

A few moments later, I smile as I read her answer:

Maybe I could use a little danger.



  1. Good gravy, you’re like catnip! Can’t get enough of you. Even when she should walk away, she can’t.

  2. my my my, you do cause quite a sensation 😉

  3. And that’s the EPILOGUE!! I’m sputtering over here!!! I can hear the dramatic music and the narrator who says, “Stay tuned for the next episode…will Madam Librarian truly live dangerously? Will Bi make a move? What happens next in ‘Artifice and Honesty?'” You’re killing me, here, really… 🙂

  4. HAHA! Apparently she picked up on my attitude! Can’t wait to hear more. I’ll be imagining its me and not her 😉

  5. Excellent escapade Bi! Loved every moment!

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